Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter Monday

Today we got together with the Zito Family and had a great cookout, fun Easter Egg Hunt and good times all around. Linda bought the grandkids a new "airplane teeter-totter" which is awesome and kept the kids interested for about 15 minutes of fun! :) I'm sure they'll learn to love it as much as the tramp and swingset. Also, there was a new game for the "adults". I'm not sure what the name of it is, but it reminds me of the volleyball tied to the rope contraption from "Napoleon Dynamite", except it's a tennis ball instead of a volleyball and you use a large paddle instead of your hands to hit the ball around and around. Most everyone that gave it a shot ended up with sore shoulders, bruises, welts or all the above. I think Robyn was the champion as you can tell by the pictures posted. We usually get together on Sundays, so being that it was a Monday it kinda felt like Sunday today, which was nice. We had a blast and it was great seeing Bill and Wilma who came down from Big Sky Country for a much needed visit. Thanks for the good times and happy memories.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Here are some pics from Maddie's Easter Egg Hunt. We had to give her clues to direct her to the eggs and even then she couldn't see them sometimes. I loved seeing her face light up when she found an egg. She looks a little elderly with the curles, jumpsuit and heels on eh? As I'm putting this blog together she is sitting on the floor, devouring all the jelly beans that were inside her eggs.

After the Easter Egg Hunt it was off to church. Easter Sunday has always been my favorite church day because all the little girls seem to be dressed in their best Spring dress and today was no disappointment.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beyond Perfect Day

Today I got some much needed pampering and I loved every single minute of it. Years ago Robyn discovered this little spa called Beyond Spa in a strip mall in Layton, yes a spa in a strip mall. Everytime she went for a massage she would tell me how great it was and how I needed to get my body there. Well, I finally did and I'm so grateful I did.

Back in the day you could get a quality deluxe 50 minute massage for $35! That price is unheard of, but it's true. They have since raised that price by $5 but it still isn't bad for the work you get. Brandon gave me a massage/facial certificate for my birthday last year and I finally got around to using it. It was fabulous. I almost wanted to cry after my 2 hour vacation was up. The only draw back was that I was ready to take a nap after the service and unfortunately new that was a dream because I still needed to get home and get lunch ready for the munchkin. My batteries are fully recharged and I am refreshed, have super soft skin and a great complexion. Yippee!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Easter Bunny Love

While strolling Newgate tonight Maddie noticed the Easter Bunny. She said she wanted to get a picture with him, but as we got closer to the Easter Bunny she started to freeze up. I was a little worried that she might start crying, but as soon as she was within 2 feet of the Easter Bunny he gave her a lollipop (I guess this is a way to bribe a child to sit on their lap). Well, it worked, kinda, hence the pic with both Brandon and I with her.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jon and Kate Plus 8

My day usually consists of watching "Maddie shows" which as of today is pretty much anything on Disney Channel, but she really gets jazzed about Hannah Montana and Suite Life with Zack and Cody. I know, she's only 2, but she really does get a kick out of those shows. One of these days I have to get her on video of dancing to the opening credits of the shows. It's hilarious, and adorable.
When I do take a "Mommy turn" to watch what I want to watch I will always pick "Jon and Kate Plus 8" on TLC, if it's on. I'm not a fan of reality shows, but this is a true reality show, no script, no b-rate celebrities trying to rekindle a non-existent career, no lame dating show or what have you. This is the story of a married couple who had difficulty getting pregnant and used fertility treatments to have a family. They first had twins and then went for a second try and got....sextuplets! Yowzahs.
I don't know if I should admit this, but it's true, after a crazy day with Maddie I like to sit down, relax and watch an episode and I immediately am more grateful for my one lil' handful. It gives me the energy and optimism to tackle another day as a mommy. I could never imagine the chaos or absolute exhaustion it must take to be at home with 8 little one all day long! May the Lord bless Jon and Kate. Seriously, after watching the show I need to just take a deep breath. It is just crazy watching the those little kids. They are cuties and it's nice to see little toddlers doing the same things that Maddie does.
Also, these parents have values, and integrity and the children are as well behaved as any young 3 year olds could possibly be. I definitely recommend it to anyone out there looking for some good wholesome entertainment that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Bright Lights Big City

Today Maddie and I headed to Salt Lake for a day of fun. Even though I lived in Downtown Salt Lake for a couple of years, I get a little giddy coming down for a day of fun in our state's capital. First we headed to the Gateway. The Gateway is hands down the best mall in Utah and has the best stores. But I love it the most because there is a Gap! Yes, ever since the Gap went bye-bye in Layton I have to journey 45 minutes south just to shop there. I guess I could go online instead of roadtripping , but I'm pretty hesitant about that whole thing still. to the Gap and then some other shops.
Then we went to one of my new favorite finds to eat... Carlucci's Bakery and met up with Becky for lunch. My past visits I've only had the desserts, but today I actually ate "real food" and then splurged on a canolli and a pupcake for Maddie. They were delish.
Then we were off to visit Brandon at Temple Square, then to my Mom's for a quick visit. Then we hopped on TRAX and headed up to the Huntsman Center to watch the Lady Utes Gymnastic Meet.
Maddie loves riding the "train" and I did get a little nostaligic as we pulled up to the Huntsman Center. I haven't been theresince graduation last May and it was a great feeling to be back on campus.
I really wanted Maddie to see what gymnastics is all about. She's been in her beginning gymnastics now for almost 8 months and she immediately recognized all the apparatuses right off the bat. But I think her favorite part of the evening was getting her face painted and then riding TRAX back downtown. It was an eventful day and we had a blast just hanging out together. Maddie is getting better at being out and about so it really is becoming more fun than a hassle to take her places. By the end of the night I was wishing that we lived in Salt Lake, because I was not looking forward to the 45 minute drive home. Maddie was asleep in her carseat as soon as we excited the parking garage, so that was a bonus. I'm definitely looking forward to the next gymnastics meet a couple of weeks! :)