Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seriously So Ticked!

Ok, I am really really livid right now and I know that my grammar and spelling may not be on par, but I have to vent. I absolutely hate North American Moving Company! They are the worse moving company in America and I can't believe that they are still in business. We used them to move out to TN and it has been a nightmare since I had the verbal contract that I would use their services.

First off, let me just tell you that I thought I had done my homework and been a good consumer by getting numerous bids, and not jumping at the first moving company (Allied, wish I would have now). After narrowing my search I finally decided to go with North American Movers. They were within reason of the other companies that I had researched and everything seemed ok at first.

Well, it all started going down hill when they had to change the pickup date of service. Then when they finally arrived (5 hours late) none of the movers could speak English. After all of our items were loaded up they gave us the grand total which was more than DOUBLE of the initial quote. I was speechless and I could not belie my eyes when Carlos gave me the breakdown. Seriously, was this a joke? Nope, and what could I do. Our entire house was loaded in the truck, of course I'm not going to tell them to unload and have a nice day (should have now that I look back). Anyways....they then told us that they had never got a deposit, LIE, and that we had to pay by check (which the contact stated credit card was accepted). However, since Carlos could barely speak English it was kind of hard to negotiate with him, and it just so happened that we were moving on 4th of July so of course the office was a skeleton crew and we'd have to wait 3 days to talk to a "manager".

So, off the truck went with our good and almost all of our money. They had told us they would deliver our stuff within 7 days. LIE, Our stuff didn't arrive until 2 weeks after the pickup. Seriously, how long does it take to drive to TN? We got there in 3 days, my little tercel, which arrived by semi made it in 4, so what was the hold up. Anyways, once they got there they unloaded everything (thankfully everything but a mirror made it's way to TN) and then they were off.

Well, once we paid them in full we decided that we just wouldn't use them ever again, and go with a UHAUL with our next move. I was soo excited to have our furniture and clothing that as I threw the first load of laundry into our washer I was kind of oblivious to that face that our perfect washer was not working! WHAT?????

So we called the movers and told them our washer is broke, and we need some a refund for the washer. In our contact it stated that the company would pay .60 cent on the dollar for the poundage of the loss, broke item. Well, being that this washer weighed atleast 300 lbs we figured we could get atleast $250 from them. NOT!!!!! Come to find out we need to get 3 bids, take pictues, provide original receipt of the item broke and the itemized list from the pickup date, PLUS get everything notarize. How many more hoops would we need to jump through to get some compensation. Alright, so we did all this, we had to pay $75 just to get an initial bid which only confirmed our belief that our washer had been beaten to death by the movers. Great....well once I sent everything in we decided that we should just go and purchase a new washer because the estimated amount to fix our washer was $1200! That's right $1200!!! Of course you can buy a brand new washer for way less, which is what we did. now the company has received all of our infomration about the claim and it is now just stewing at the claims office waiting to find out what the company will take responsiblity for. 2 weeks went by and NOTHING. Everytime I would call the company the claims departmetn was busy, away from their desk, out of the office, or gone for the day! So aggravating. Well, today Brandon tell me that we got a letter from this awesome moving company that told us they were not responsible for any internal damage to our washer! Are you kidding me! I hate them! NEVER use this company, it is such a ripoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, I feel a little better now.

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Day of Preschool

My little girl is all grown up. Today Maddie went to her first day of preschool. She was on the waitlist at Munsey and they called last Friday to let me know a slot opened up. I didn't know when Maddie would be starting so I called this morning at 8:45 a.m. to confirm her slot. They said I could bring her in today (class started at 9:00 a.m.). So of course I decided to make a mad dash to school. Maddie had been enjoying her leisurely morning routine of watching morning cartoons in her underwear and drinking chocolate milk. Well, I put a quick stop to that, luckily she was in a good mood to get dressed (picked out her own outfit). I usually would have preferred something more on the "cute scale" but I was more concerned with getting her to school in 15 minutes. Anyways, we were off and running in 10 minutes and with a little coaxing and some tears from Maddie she was off to school! It's only twice a week for almost 3 hours, but hey it's a chance for me to get caught up on stuff and a nice break in the day for the munchkin. I can't believe how fast she's grown up.